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There is no longer any doubt that non-essential retail will open again next week. Whilst this is a relief, there is also a lot of added administrative strain on businesses hoping to maximise their sales, services, and customer satisfaction. With this in mind, it is imperative that your business put its best foot forward over the coming weeks. Here at Booked it, we have all the tools you need to make the most out of your time. Read on for our top five tips for reopening, safely and successfully.

  1. Mobile ordering app

Allowing your customers to order directly from their phone is a game-changer. Not only is it convenient and efficient, but it’s also an easy way to minimise contact between staff and customers, thereby keeping within government social distancing regulations. It is great for tech-savvy consumers, and it’s great for you too – using our technology, you will be able to manage orders all on one easily-accessible dashboard in real-time, integrate sophisticated and insightful CRM and marketing campaigns tailored to your customers, and enhance your customers’ experience by customizing the app with your own unique design and branding.

2. Online booking system

We offer the complete solution to manage all your bookings and reservations. With our app, you will be able to oversee bookings, manage capacity, and check guests in upon arrival. After your customers’ visit, our system enables you to generate automated emails and messages to encourage feedback and reviews. Furthermore, Booked it is an official reserve with Google partner, enabling your customers to buy tickets directly from your Google listing – this completely bypasses the chance of customers’ falling through that gap between seeing your listing and booking their next visit!

3. Ticket sales

When it comes to ticket sales, we have everything your business needs, all in one place. You can manage your entire event directly from our dashboard and Booked it manager app (for iOS and Android). Not only can you use the app to scan and approve attendees, get vital statistics in real-time, and integrate your event onto your customers’ social media platforms, but the interface is also easy on the eye. The ability to plan events thoroughly, to be able to engage with each guest, and understand what they are looking for on a night out, is going to take on an extra significance in the coming months.

4. Cleanliness

Talking of things that have taken on an added significance of late, the cleanliness of your business should be at the forefront of your priorities. We know that you have always valued a clean, organised business space for both your staff and your customers, but we should all be chipping in and doing a little bit extra at the moment. Let technology take away some of that stress; by integrating Booked it and Licklist into your business, you can minimise contact between your staff and your customers, whilst also maintaining the same customer-centred business model that is so important. Organising your space to allow a safe and easy transition of customers and queues is also instrumental in ensuring the smooth reopening of your business. Increasing the availability of anti-viral cleansers, hand sanitisers, and protective screens, is also a must.

5. Loyalty

Last but most certainly not least, our clients love Booked it because it allows them to nurture loyalty amongst their customer base, thereby increasing their profits. The value of loyalty cannot be stated highly enough, especially in these challenging times. By allowing customers to collect point, connect their bank card with their app, and to personalise their experience on the app, you can increase their spend per head, increase dwell time, and keep them coming back for more. It has been shown in surveys and polls that consumers want to spend now more than ever, so be sure to take advantage of the increased demand for your services over the summer months.

So, there you have it – everything your business needs to succeed, in one simple checklist. Please visit our Solutions page to find out more about how we can help you, and our Pricing details to begin your journey with Booked it today.

Words by Rebecca Clayton

From the Los Angeles Dodgers to the AT&T Center in Texas, US sporting stadiums are enhancing the game-day experience by introducing the ability for fans to place their food and drink order right from their seat. This mobile ordering technology is part of the drive to bring ‘on-demand’ to the stadium experience, and it’s available for UK sporting stadiums and racecourses too. Here are 5 reasons to get your venue on board with mobile ordering.

1. Eliminates the ‘pain’. When fans are watching the match or the game, they fancy a drink and something to eat, but what they don’t fancy is the queue they’ll have to stand in. Every fan goes through this internal reward vs. pain analyses each time they debate getting food or drink. In most cases the perceived ‘pain’ outweighs the reward and they stay where they are. With mobile ordering, they can order what they want from the comfort of their seat, and collect at a pre assigned time and order point, minimising the pain considerably.

2. Reduces queue time. The reason queues build up at stadiums is the time it takes for customers to choose what they want, tell the staff member their order, pay, and then wait for their food to be prepared. With mobile ordering, all four of these time-sapping activities can be eliminated, reducing queues to the bare minimum needed for customers to collect their food, making it safer for everyone. You could even deliver directly to their seat.

3. Upselling is a breeze. When a customer has to join a regular queue to get their food and drink, their priority is to get what they need and get back to their seat so they don’t miss the action. Your staff trying to upsell is a delaying tactic. When customers can order from their seat though, they can order on their terms, taking the time to see what they want and taking advantage of offers. Go large on the fries for £1, 2 for 1 on snacks, double up for £3- you can bet they’ll be all over that!

4. It’s customer friendly. Booked it mobile ordering works straight from your website or app. When your customer wants to order, they see how using the free POS materials (the back of the seat is a great place in stadiums), either scanning the QR code or going onto your website to place their order. Best of all, their order details are saved, so if they want the same again, it’s as easy as a few clicks.

5. Use data for real insights. Every time your customer orders, they’re giving you valuable information about them, their preferences and how you can get in touch with them. With their consent, and using Booked it’s fully GDPR compliant mobile ordering technology, you can use this data to drive your marketing with insightful campaigns that are relevant to your customers, from a birthday treat to a SMS offer on their favourite food. The best offers are relevant and useful, and with Booked it, your campaigns can be both.

Lockdowns, test and trace and a curfew for nights out to end by 10pm. No-one could have predicted what 2020 looks like for the hospitality industry. But for all of the changes wreaked on the sector, there have been a lot of positives too. And the main one is that 2020 has catapulted the hospitality sector to the forefront of technology with mobile ordering apps, solving a lot of problems for both venue and customer. Here are 6 for starters:

Queuing at the bar

Customer three deep at the bar, wafting their twenties around to get the attention of bar staff, and an understaffed team trying to get the orders in fairly. With mobile ordering, queuing can join the ranks of cassette tapes, perms and hugs! Customers order from their table which is more convenient for them and easier for staff to manage and process orders.

Powerful data led marketing

Ah yes, the database, you set it up with the best intentions and left it to linger well past its best before date. Data is only useful to venues if it’s up to date, and marketing is only useful to customers if it’s insightful and relevant. With a mobile ordering app, capturing data like name, email, mobile number, spending habits and favourite food and drink is quick and simple. And customers get offers that they actually want to use.


Remember those staff training sessions when everyone got taught how to upsell effectively, and they did too, for about a week. In the old days, upselling was something you had to rely on staff to do but in the modern hospitality venue, your mobile ordering app does it all for you. Double up for £1 or upgrade from regular fries to sweet potato; get your upsell offers on the app and let customers know about them when they order. Less awkward for staff, and easier for customers.

Easy orders, more transactions 

Time for another round or pudding, finding out what everyone wants only to get to the bar and, what was it Dave wanted again? Then you have bar staff waiting patiently whilst the customer tries to dredge up the memory or runs back to the table, when they’ve got a million other tasks they should be doing. Mobile ordering gets rid of all that. Ordering is easy and that ups the amount of transactions for your hospitality venue.

Loyalty programmes

In 2020, customer purchasing habits in hospitality changed forever. Staying in became the new going out and competition for customers got fiercer than ever. But customers still like familiarity and they still want to visit their favourite pubs, restaurants and venues. And with a mobile ordering app, you can give them an even greater incentive to make that visit. Drive repeat business and reward your customers with a loyalty programme.

Minimising contact

There was a time when venues wanted to increase customer to staff interaction as part of the customer experience. In the covid age, venues need to do the opposite and minimise that contact as much as possible. Actually, customers are responding well to the changes and they appreciate the efforts made by venues to make eating and drinking out a safer experience for all. With a mobile ordering app, contact is kept purely to the delivery of food and drink to the table.


These are just some of the reasons that every hospitality venue should use a mobile ordering app. Find out how a mobile ordering app can transform your venue today.