Clocky In The Garden

Saturday, July 31, 2021
Chelmsford City Racecourse, Moulsham Hall Lane, Chelmsford, United Kingdom

SO. Think Chelmsford City Racecourse 
SO. Think. Green lush grass 
SO. Think an abundance of flowers. 
SO. Think an array of sunny Djs 
SO. Think arriving through the tunnel 
SO. Think gourmet barbecue chef. 
SO. Think open sided Marquee Bar 
So. Think Deckchair lazing 
SO. Think alfresco dancing. 
SO. Think, NO pens,No sit down, Not being told to sit down, cuddles galore, loud music, singing, shouting NORMALITY. 

Think glorious shine, Think 12 till 11pm, Think Fantabulous Garden party for 2000.Arrive through the arches, walk past the winners enclosure straight into the garden of Clocky. 

Limited Tables avail. 

IF the Government decides to change the lifting of restrictions WE have the 31st of July also booked SO can easily swap the date. 

IF this event has to be restricted IT simply WILL not be held, as this IS against ALL that Clockwork has ever strove for, might as well sit round your nans listening to the shipping forecast 🤣

What you need to know



Chelmsford City Racecourse
Moulsham Hall Lane

Chelmsford, United Kingdom