9 Pin Skittles

What is the game of Skittles?

Skittles is similar to the more familiar 10 pin bowling, but is a more traditional way of knocking pins over!

For a start, there are only 9 pins – so one is missing! – and they are arranged in a diamond formation.

The lanes are shorter than 10 pin, and you can play all sorts of variations rather than having to stick to one type of game.

The most popular is the PYRAMID game or CHRISTMAS TREE – as it is popularly known!

What are the prices?

(per lane per 30 mins)

1-2 people – £9.50

3-8 people – £14.50

You can have a 2nd session

for only £10.50!

What else is on offer?

Great food with friends

Delicious home-made food with something to appeal to everyone!

Kids Parties

Great value kids’ party package in the afternoons


Enjoy an evening of entertainment at Country Skittles