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Overcome your limits, solo!

Do you want to evaluate your performance when dribbling, running or shooting? Breaking records? Or just improve your skills? Book an Individual Day at FOOTLAB. You can test yourself at will, discovering and exceeding your limits. Then, if you want, share your victories on social media. And celebrate your entry into our Hall of Champions!


The dribble with ball and speed will be evaluated. The posts are illuminated in orange at the beginning, and as the player dribbles between the posts they turn to green to confirm that he executed the dribble correctly. Speed is of essence at this station. Your results are recorded in speed and accuracy.


At the Speed Station, players run 20m and measure their speed, acceleration and deceleration. Results are displayed on the screen at the end of the station, with full details and stats, and on the Official App.


In this activity players shoot 5 targets, earning points according to the difficulty of the target, only possible with our sensor technology. Accuracy is key to football performance. The station is timed, and points are calculated as a total number of shots scored on target!


In this activity players will take their most powerful shot on goal to measure how fast they can score in km/h, only possible with our best sensor technology. This station allows players to test and improve their technique and kick power.

8 €


Includes 20 minutes in 4 activities. Individual

Activities: Technique, Speed, Power, Precision



Find out what activities are available and prices

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