Licklist for business is
rebranding to Booked it

From October 2020, we’re rebranding Licklist for Business to Booked it to better serve the needs of our hospitality customers.

We founded Licklist in 2015 for the nightlife industry, Five year later, 600,000 users, 6m photos taken and uploaded, gross sales of £6m annually and 6000 nightlife venues listed on our app and our Licklist brand is stronger than ever with consumers. We’re on a mission to do this and more for the b2b industry.

2019 was when we introduced Licklist for Business with services for the business to business market. but things really fired up in 2020 when we helped over 300 venues get ready to reopen on the 4th July with technology like mobile ordering and table reservations. More venues are opening every day and we’re working round the clock to help them to do just that.

For us though, this is just the start. We’re ready to support the 150,000 hospitality venues in the UK with technology that will change how they do business forever, enabling them to use data for highly targeted marketing campaigns and ultimately drive to loyalty.

Hotels, pubs, cafes and other hospitality venues in the UK have gone through an unforeseen but necessary transformation since the pandemic began. We’re evolving too. When Licklist for Business becomes Booked it in August, we’re getting in position to better serve the wider hospitality market.

Alongside our respected and profitable Licklist consumer brand, we will develop Booked it as our business brand. Through investment and a commitment to growth, our aim is to make Booked it synonymous with the hospitality industry.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives, but by adapting, we can emerge stronger and in a better competitive position than ever before. Through Booked it, we’re ready and able to equip hospitality businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate this new world.

Our technology makes life easier. Easier for your customers. Easier for your business. Easier for you. It’s time to give your business the benefits of Booked it.