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Technique Improvement Course Preliminary Questions

Thank you for showing interest in our 4-week Front Crawl Technique Improvement Course with James Ewart. We are very excited and gracious hosts.

The Course is on the 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th June which is a 4-week course starting at 10.45am.

£100 for all 4 sessions

Please complete the following questions to ensure the course is suitable and will meet your requirements:

1) I can complete 50 metres (2 lengths of the Open-Air pool) front crawl without stopping?
Yes   No

2) Do you have any swim related injuries / medical conditions / pregnancies / reasons I should not swim
Yes   No

3) What are you hoping to get out of the course? / What are your focus areas?

If you have concerns or questions about the course, please email info@petersfieldpool.org.

Thank you,
Tom Callingham