A Little Bit of Fun For Little People

Welcome to Bugs!

Following government guidelines, a few notes to help everyone enjoy their visit and be as safe as possible.
Opening hours: https://bookwhen.com/bugsplaycafe

Monday 9-3pm
Tuesday 9-3pm
Wednesday 9-3pm
Thursday 9-3pm
Fridays: We hope to add some Fridays in September (see Bookwhen)
Saturdays open 9-1pm https://bookwhen.com/bugsplaycafe
*Private parties Saturday afternoons and Sundays*

  • Indoor Play: Since COVID 19 we are following best industry guidance and only using the frame for set periods before it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. When you book indoor play you can use the outdoor area too for as long as you like within opening hours.
  • You can book indoor play sessions via: https://bookwhen.com/bugsplaycafe or contact us 07506 260780.
    No need to book Outdoor only play! Lots of space available, we still have a few indoor tables, however please be aware once we are at capacity you won’t be able to shelter indoors if the weather turns
  • Please ensure you and everyone in your group uses the hand sanitisers throughout your visit.
  • contactless payments wherever possible please
  • Face masks are now voluntary, however Government advice is that they should be worn
    please choose and stay at one table as far as possible

We’re still offering:

* Tasty menu, condensed down to include your favourites; our homemade, simple menu can cater for range of diets and we can offer allergy friendly and alternative diet options, please ask

* Healthy salads and yummy treats

* Takeaways available at cafe, you can pick up a few supplies to take home

* Parties -with a few changes, please contact us for details 07506 260780

We look forward to seeing you!