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Christmas parties, office lunches, early finishes at the pub; it’s little wonder that most hospitality venues take in at least 60% of their annual income during the festive season in a regular year. A good Christmas can see you through the bleaker months of January to March, but before you write Christmas 2020 off as a bad job, there are many ways to boost your revenue and make it the most wonderful time of the year! Here are 5 ways to maximise Christmas in your venue for 2020.


1. Run multiple sessions. 


If this were a race for Christmas number one, this tip would sell out before Jess Glynne could even get a look in. Running different sessions enable you to cater for more guests and increase revenue. You may have relied on evening Christmas parties for the office crowd, but consider packages at different times of day too. A champagne brunch or a bottomless afternoon tea is likely to go just as well as the traditional meat and two veg parties, and it means you can cater for smaller groups.


2. Use your data. 


Most hospitality venues have a database but most barely skim the surface of its potential. It’s left to fester like last year’s Brussel sprouts, unloved and unappreciated. But your database could be your secret weapon to more revenue this Christmas. Your database is filled with this festive cracker; people who’ve been to your venue before. Presumably they liked it- why not give them a chance to visit you again this Christmas with one of your new, fancy packages (see above!).


3. Continue takeaway. 


Whilst there will be people who are chomping at the bit to get back to your venue for a Christmas tipple and some moreish nibbles, there are others who aren’t quite as keen. Maybe they’re shielding, maybe they’re still nervous at eating out, maybe they have a family of 40. Whatever the reason, don’t let them miss out on Christmas at yours and include your Christmas menu as a takeaway option. Virtual teams gathering for takeaway festive feasts is set to be a big trend this year which you could also capitalise on.


4. Reward not discount. 


After the tough year to end all tough years, venues have suffered enough and customers appreciate that. Now isn’t the time to devalue your brand with discounts that make your work unprofitable but to reward customers instead. Introduce a simple loyalty programme that offers rewards that resonate with your clientele based on what they spend.


5. Build for next year. 


If all else fails or if all else succeeds, always try and keep your mind on the bigger picture. Before we know it, we’ll be in 2021 and in a whole new year. Your business may have adapted in new, unexpected ways in 2020 but 2021 is the time for your business to not only recover but thrive. Put the plans in place now that will set you up for the New Year. Build on those relationships with any new customers that come through your door and give them a reason to return, get your systems in place that help you to maximise staff and operational efficiency and make those changes you’ve been holding back on. In 2021, there will be winners and losers, make sure your venue is one of the winners.




Welcome to 2020, when customers are few and restrictions are plenty. The days of bars packed to the gills and diners squeezed into restaurants may be over, for now at least, but actually there’s a lot to be positive about too. Like loyalty. In 2020, loyalty should be your very best friend, as should your customer. It’s your job to make coming to your venue something they want to do again and again. Loyal customers do the marketing for you, and give your business resilience to weather the current storm and be a brand to be reckoned with in 2021 and beyond. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to make loyalty your ultimate goal (and the technology you need to achieve it).


  1. You don’t need loyalty cards anymore. Let’s face it, most venues have tried (or at least thought about) introducing a loyalty scheme. But you have the hassle of the plastic loyalty cards, and customers always forget them. It turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth. Enter the modern day Booked it loyalty scheme. No loyalty cards at all. Customer register their Visa or Mastercard and every time they visit your place and swipe their card, they earn their loyalty points. Simple but very effective!     
  2.  It’s about spend not visits. Sure, it’s great to see your customers, but what is really going to impact your bottom line is what they spend on each visit. Unlike other loyalty schemes, the Booked it loyalty programme rewards customers on spend not visits. So you can increase your customers’ spend by around 13%. Now we’re talking.                        
  3. You get check out your vital stats. Admit it, you’d love to see where your customers hang out when they’re not at your venue. And with the loyalty programme from Booked it, you can. You can also compare your vital stats like dwell time, average spend, drinks per round or male to female ratio from the app. All essential information that you can use to hone your product offering and drive your venue up the rankings all the way to number one for your area.
  1. It’s a way of thanking customers for supporting you. Everyone loves a thank you, customers too and with the Booked it loyalty programme you can show customers the love with rewards and offers they’ll appreciated. If they’ve ventured out and supported your venue through the lean times of 2020, maybe it’s time to show your thanks.
  1. Rewards that work. A reward is only valued when it’s valuable to the customer. Sounds simple but many venues miss this basic step when they try to encourage loyalty with customers. Through the Booked it loyalty programme you can use the data you collect to create a more personalised, tailored loyalty programme with our fully GDPR compliant service. See what they like to eat and drink and reward them with more of what they really want.