Terms of business

Terms of Business – Tickets & Bookings

    1. www.booked.it is a site operated by The Booked It Group Limited trading as Booked it.
      The Booked It Group Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number
      09933601; registered office address: WeWork, International House, 1 St Katharine’s
      Way, London E1W 1UN United Kingdom.
  2. The Service
    1. The Client appoints Booked it to sell tickets and offer bookings for their events. Booked
      it acts purely as an agent and has no responsibility for the Client itself or any associated
    2. The Client will register an account with Booked it and may then upload their event(s) and
      booking inventory onto the website
    3. Part of the account registration process includes compliance with identification rules as
      stipulated by Anti Money Laundering Regulations. Booked it reserves the right to request
      additional AML as it sees fit or is required by law. The platform will not go live until all
      AML requirements have been met by the Client.
    4. The Client will be given access to a personalised platform dashboard which will give the
      Client information regarding the transaction flow, fees, and contain bank account and
      contact information for the Client.
    5. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure all event and booking details listed are accurate.
      Booked it cannot be held liable for any errors in this information.
    6. The Client must not upload any Name, Image or other content that is protected by
      copyright or other limitation, without express permission from the licence holder or their
      agent. If Booked it are informed of such breach, content may be removed without
    7. If the Client requests Booked it to load their event or booking inventory, it is the Client’s
      responsibility to check the final listing for any errors. Once live, Booked it accepts no
      responsibility for any errors.
    8. Booked it will charge the Client a 5% booking fee with a minimum fee of $1 (excluding
      VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time of each transaction), unless
      agreed otherwise where any different arrangement will be as specified in the Booking
      System Agreement Cover Sheet.
    9. Booked it will take its fee at the time of each individual transaction through the platform,
      and will submit a consolidated VAT invoice to the Client each month
    10. Payment processing fees are covered within the Booked it fee.
    11. Payments will be made to the Client’s nominated bank account by BACS transfer on the
      next working day following the day of the transaction.
    12. Booked it will provide the Client with a breakdown following the date of any bookings,
      detailing all items sold and remittance due.
    13. It is the Client’s responsibility to enter and update payment details and select the account
      for payment if more than one is registered.
    14. It is the Client’s responsibility to enter and update contact details on the platform
    15. Should any overpayment be made in error by Booked it, it is the responsibility of the
      Client to notify Booked it immediately. Overpayments must be returned immediately
      upon notification. The Client and its owners/operators/directors are personally liable for
      repaying these funds.
    16. In the instance of complaints about an event or Client being received by Booked it from
      customers of the Client, where payment is disputed by the customer, payment may be
      withheld for up to 1 month, to resolve any disputes with customers.
    17. Booked it will not refund bookings to customers without the Client’s agreement unless
      we cannot contact the Client within 1 week of the event by means listed on the Client’s
    18. The Client agrees to include the Booked it logo or web address & telephone number on
      all promotions.
    19. If an event is cancelled or Client closed for any reason and you do not inform us in
      advance, you agree to pay Booked it the total amount of booking fees, transactions
      charges and any other associated fees so that we can refund the customers in full.
    20. Should Booked it receive a fine due to any illegal promotions undertaken by the Client
      i.e. fly posters or hand-to-hand flyering, the cost will be passed over and if necessary,
      deducted from any ticket money due. Whenever possible Booked it will pass on any
      communication received from councils to relevant parties but will not be held responsible
      if contact cannot be made.
    21. The Client agrees that they will use Booked it as their only tickets & bookings solution
      exclusively. The Client must not include any information on any event pages referring to
      other ways of purchasing tickets to their event(s) or making bookings, through any other
      means than via the Booked it platform. This includes any special offers, prices, packages,
      or ‘on the door’ sales that are not listed on Booked it or any other information that may
      decrease or negatively affect sales with Booked it.
    22. The Client is solely responsible for ensuring that the number of tickets sold and bookings
      taken for an event complies with capacity requirements/licenses.
    23. When Booked it receives a chargeback (see appendix), the customer order is
      automatically put on manual checking to ensure the funds are not remitted. The Booked
      it finance team will then review the order for fraudulent activity and if they deem the
      chargeback to be inaccurate, Booked it have 7 days to defend the chargeback with the
      bank on the Client’s behalf.
    24. Should Booked it successfully defend the chargeback on the Client’ s behalf, the face
      value charge will be reversed/cancelled from the Client’s account.
    25. Should the Client have been remitted prior to Booked it receiving the chargeback, the
      charges will still be applied to the Client account and should be paid off via bank transfer
      or card payment via the Booked it dashboard
  3. USE OF DATA AND DATA PROTECTIONInformation Collected by Booked it
      1. When a User registers with Booked it to use the Service (photography, tickets & bookings,
        loyalty app), the User provides Personal Data and information by means of registration
        screens on the Website or any App that uses the Service and, as the User uses the Service,
        Booked it shall collect further information from the User, which may include Personal
      2. Booked it shall be the Data Controller and owner in relation to any Personal Data
        collected under clause 3.1 and its use of Personal Data is set out in the Privacy Policy.

    Information Imported by a Client

      1. If a Client imports its own database or other contact information it has collected into the
        Server, that database shall remain owned by that Client. The Client shall be the Data
        Controller in relation to any Personal Data collected pursuant to this clause 3.3. Booked
        it will be a Data Processor of this data and shall comply with its obligations as a Data
        Processor as set out in these terms and the Privacy Policy.
      2. Further to clause 3.3, the Client warrants that, where it is a Data Controller, it shall
        provide each Data Subject with the required information as set out in Article 14 of the
        GDPR, including but not limited to the identity and contact details of the Client, the
        purposes for processing their information and the categories of personal data with which
        the Client is concerned.
      3. The Client warrants that it has all consents required to allow it to import its database
        referred to in clause 3.3 into the Server and to allow Booked it to process such Personal
        Data in accordance with these Terms and the terms of the Privacy Policy. Personal Data
        imported owned by the Client may be exported out of the Service by the Client at any

    Users who Follow the Client

    1. If a Customer, or other User, creates an account on the Booked it platform and follows a
      Client (including a Data Subject who was initially introduced to the Service through the
      importing of a database pursuant to clause 3.3), that User’s data shall become part of
      Booked it’s database
    2. Where the events in clause 3.3 occur, both Booked it and the Client shall be referred to
      as a Data Controller in relation to any Personal Data provided by a User. Further
      information how Booked it will use such data can be found in the Privacy Policy.
    1. This contract is for an initial 12 month period, and will automatically renew for a further
      12 months at the anniversary of the start date unless agreed otherwise. The Client can
      terminate the contract with 3 months’ notice at any time after the second 12 month
    1. Save in respect of liability which may not be excluded or limited by law, Booked it shall
      not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential losses and Booked it’s liability in
      the aggregate shall be limited to the amount of commission Booked it has made from the
      Client in the month in which any loss has been incurred by the Client.
    2. Booked it will use all reasonable efforts to maintain continuity for the services provided
      but can not guarantee that they will be error free but should any service fail, Booked it
      will use all reasonable efforts to resume the service as quickly as reasonably possible.
    3. Booked it shall have no responsibility or liability for any product or service delivered by
      the Client
    1. This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of New York and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New York.